Thermal Design:

  • Engineering Thermal design of Water tube boilers such as AFBC, Travelling Grate, WHRB & Bottom Hopper with thermal sizing of Superheater upto 540°C.
  • Combustor calculation and sizing of Combustor for Solid Fuel boilers with fuels handled such as Coal, Lignite, Pet coke & fouling Bio-Mass fuels.
  • Determination of the Boiler Thermal Efficiency based on the fuel.
  • Calculate the Fuel, Air & Gas quantity required for the fuel accounting the Boundary conditions.
  • Boiler Circulation Analysis.
  • Design of pressure parts equipment’s, Preparation of Technical data sheets.
  • Calculation of the Steam side pressure drop in the circuit for safety valve selection.
  • Calculating the Pressure drops for the Air, Gas system for Fan Head selection.
  • Able to do Retrofitting of Boiler technologies.
  • Sizing of Rotary Equipments ( FD fan, SA fan, PD fan, ID fan and Feed Pumps).
  • Selection of Pollution Control Equipments, Fuel feeding system, Bed Ash Conveying system & Fly Ash conveying system.
  • Mechanical calculation of pressure parts as per ASME codes. 


  • Technical Offer and Cost Estimation for Customer enquiries for complete power plant such as  Steam generationPower generationWater Treatment PlantCooling Tower, Compressors, EOT Crane & Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Working on tender specification and highlighting deviations, if any through technical offer.
  • Floating enquiries to vendors for getting technical details and guarantee data sheet.
  • Preparing scope matrix and terminal points for Customer requirement/Consultant specification.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for cost estimation.

Engineering :

  • Preparation of Boiler Piping & Instrumentation Diagram.
  • Preparation of General Arrangement & Plot plan of boilers.
  • Design of Boiler pressure parts such as Steam Drum, Mud drum, Water Wall, Bed Coil, Bank Tubes, Down Comer, Riser, Super Heaters, etc., with suitable material according to the pressure and temperature as per ASME section-II Part-D Std & prepare the details fabrication drawing of all Pressure parts.
  • Design of Optimum piping layout for high pressure, low pressure steam piping, Design of Pipe sizing, Design of piping thickness corresponding to the pressure, temperature as per ANSI 31.1 STD & Prepare the details fabrication drawing of Condensate piping, Cooling water piping & other BOP Pipings.
  • Selection of valves, fittings & Flanges as per ANSI B16.5 for suitable temperature & pressure, Selection of Control Valve, safety valve, feed pump, pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Motorized valve, Flow Nozzle & other components.