Design and Manufacturing:

  • Design and manufacturing of ducts for Flue Gas and Air with suitable velocities and design of Fuel Feeding System, Ash Handling system.
  • Sizing and manufacturing of De-aerator, Storage Tank & Blow Down system.
  • Design and manufacturing of  De-Mineralising tanks, Excess Condensate tanks, Feed Water tanks, Dosing system, Silencers & Chimney.
  • Design and supply of Bagasse feeding system and Coal Feeding systems.
  • Design & fabrication of Aerators, Heat Exchangers, Low Pressure heaters, High Pressure Heaters, Surface Condensors,  Pressure Vessels, Columns & Tanks for Oil and Gas, Chemical, Refinery, pharma & Fertilizers in line with ASME Sec. VIII Div.1, TEMA and API codes

Few of our Products:

1.    Deaerator.

Designed as per ASME Section VIII, Div I for a maximm flow of  661.3TPH (732.7 m3)    with an storage volume of 97.45m3 with an storage dia of 3.65 mtrs and straight length of 11.4 mtrs.  The total weight of the deaerator and storage tank is approximately 45 tons.  Material of construction is SA516 Gr. 70 with internals made of SS304.

2.    Low Pressure Heater.

A heater located (with regard to feedwater flow) between the condensate pump and either the boiler feed pump or, if present, an intermediate pressure (booster) pump. It normally extracts steam from the low pressure turbine.

3.    High Pressure Heater.

A heater located downstream of the boiler feed pump. Typically, the tubeside design pressure is at least 1500 psig, and the steam source is the high pressure turbine.

4.    Floating Aerators.

We supply floating aerators for all industries, in addition to aeration many ETPs use this in collection tanks for equalising, this enables for better results.

5.    Effluent Treatment Plant.

We are also supplying water treatment vessels like Activated Carbon Filters, Sand Filters, Duel Media Filters, De-mineralisers, Degassifiers etc. made out of either Carbon steel or Stainless Steel internals including Strainers, Ladders & platforms etc.,

6. Reverse Osmosis Reject Handling – Zero Liquid Discharge

We have a unique system for handling Reverse Osmosis – RO reject which is cost effective because it is less capital intensive, the operating cost is very low, result oriented, easy to maintain and operate, long lasting.