Tripower Energy Systems, was established to provide energy related solutions to the sectors such as Textile, Power, Sugar, Chemical, Pharma, Distillery, Iron and Steel etc., The core team of our company has got rich experience in handling technical and commercial aspects of business.

The company is part of a very prominent business group catering to the industrial requirements across various industries and having a very strong presence across India for over two decades.  

Group Mantra:

  • Engineering is our domain.
  • Marketing is our strength.
  • Customers are our motivators.
  • Employees are our asset.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our Goal.


  • We are headquartered in Chennai, the Manufacturing Hub of India with presence of big giants such as Ford, Hyundai, Nokia, Asahi, Caterpillar, etc.,
  • The advantages of Chennai is such as International Airport, Seaport, Rail and well laid Roads along with a host of other hi-tech facilities.

Tripower Team:  

The Tripower team has got people with rich experience in various industries such as Boiler systems, aerospace, environmental engineering, valve industries etc., They are from reputed companies like:

  • Babcock Borsig power systems
  • ABB
  • L&T
  • Indian Space Research Organisation, etc.,

Marketing Network:

  • We have got a widespread network with clients, project consultants, certified bodies and other governmental agencies across India .
  • We have our group office operating from Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai regions.
  • We are represented by marketing executives at Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Visakapatnam regions.